MEMBRACEL® is the trade mark of collagen dressings for external use, membranes designed for Odontological, Surgical and Otorhinolaryngoscopic purposes, granules and sponges of collagen
All the advanced biomedical products manufactured and distributed by Laboratorio Celina, have been developed by professionals of the same Laboratory and are protected by the respective
The originality and quality of our products have been recognized by different Organizations and they have won
National and International awards
The most innovating and important characteristics, those which differentiate our products from others in the market, are the concurrence of the following parameters:

  • MEMBRACEL® is natural (it's manufactured from bovine native collagen);

  • MEMBRACEL® arises from pure collagen and it doesn't produce allergic reactions nor body rejections;

  • MEMBRACEL® is suitable for inducing and accelerating cicatrization (in the cases they are required);

  • MEMBRACEL® is easy to store (at room temperature).